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Foreigners too realise the importance of Sanskrut language and gain advantage from it !


A.  On 26th April  2007, Dr. Abdul Kalam, the then President of Bharat, visited Greece. During the welcome ceremony, the President of Greece, Mr. Karolos Papoulias, started his speech with the Sanskrit sentence ‘Rashtrapati Mahabhag ! Susvagatam Yavandeshe !’. In his speech, he mentioned that  Sanskrit is an ancient language of India and that Greek language is related to this ancient language.

B. In July 2007 the ‘American Senate’ began its session by recital of Vedic prayer. This was the first time when such a thing had happened in the last 218 years of American history. The session  began with the Sanskrut prayer ‘Om Shanti Shanti Shanti’. This was like a slap in the face to the Nehru-Gandhi family who says that Sanskrut is a ‘Dead language’.

C. Sanskrut is studied and taught in various American Universities for several years. In the California University, Sanskrut has been  taught since  1897.

D. The California Senate session which began on 27th August 2007 started with the reciting of Sanskrut mantras.

E. Some students from Maryland University in America have formed a group named ‘Sanskrut-Bharati’ and they have even launched a website called ‘’.

F. On 11th April 2010,  the American Senate began its session with the recital of Sanskrut sholkas.

The origin of all noble thoughts in the world has been Sanskrut language. Sanskrut is the only language which is complete, scientifically correct and  which is alive in its original form even after the passage of thousands of years !

 – Western academicians and University Scholars.

The need for learning Sanskrut

A Professor of Cambridge University was sitting in his cabin engrossed in some work. Suddenly, an annoyed and depressed soldier entered his room and openly blamed him, saying that he is not bothered about hundreds of soldiers like him who are depressed because of the hardships they had to face while fighting in the war against Germany.

The Professor asked him politely, “Why are you fighting?”

The soldier spontaneously replied, “Obviously, for the protection of our Nation!”

The Professor further asked him, “What is so important in it that you have to spill your own blood for that?”

“My Motherland and its Citizens.”

On further questioning, the soldier finally replied, “I am fighting for the protection of my culture.”

The Professor smiled and politely said, “Even I have contributed in the enrichment of this culture.”

The soldier calmed down. He bowed in respect before the Professor and vowed to fight with more vigour for the preservation of the Nation’s culture.

This incident took place when the British soldiers were fighting during the final phase of the 2nd world war. This shows that even the Westerners have intense love towards their culture. We Bharatiyas (Indians) too have deep respect for our ancient culture and heritage of our Nation. To sum up, it is essential to learn Sanskrut in order to preserve this rich culture of our Nation.

Even the Supreme Court has acknowledged that learning Sanskrut is essential for preserving the cultural identity of our Nation. There is no other option than learning Sanskrut if we want to understand the principles on which our culture is based upon. On the basis of the report of the Sanskrut Commission, the Supreme Court gave the verdict that, inspite of the vast diversity in the thinking of our citizens, there is one thing where there is no difference of opinions, all of them share the same view. That one thing is, a sense of pride for our Nation’s culture and tradition. Sanskrut is a reflection of this culture.

Greatness and Importance of Sanskrut

My little friends, do you know how great our ancient Devbhasha (Divine language) Sanskrut is? Sanskrut language has been created by God Himself. It is the mother of all languages in the world. Most of the languages all over the world have their roots in sanskrut. Even the Westerners have acknowledged the importance and greatness of this Divine language. Computer scientists around the world were in search of a language for use in computer programming that could be converted into 8 major languages of the world. They found out that only ‘Sanskrut’ could fulfil this criterion. The computer scientists have also said that Sanskrut is the most convenient language for computer software programming. All of our Holy scriptures, that is, the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagwatgita, etc. are written in Sanskrut.

The great poets like Kalidas, Bhavbhuti, etc. wrote their poems in Sanskrut. Sanskrut language contains Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness). Even if one is unable to understand the meaning of a verse written in Sanskrut, one benefits from the Divine consciousness and purity present in the language. Since Sanskrut contains Divine consciousness, one might be troubled by distressing energies on chanting Sanskrut mantras. Sanskrut purifies the speech, mind and body.

So my friends, you must have realised how great and Divine our Sanskrut language is. Learn Sanskrut in order to preserve the Divinity of our rich Hindu culture. Request your school to include Sanskrit language in the curriculum.


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