Prayer : An easy way to please God !

23 Sep

         Surrending to the God and pleading with Him for what you want is called prayer. God’s blessings and Divine energy (Chaitanya shakti) are attained by praying. Also worries reduce and faith in the God increases, and the mind gains concentration by prayer. We also remain protected against negative energies by prayer.

Some prayers to be done daily

Prayer before a bath :  “O God / O Jaladevata (Deity of water) just as my body is getting cleansed with this pure water, let my mind also get purified and let me be able to absorb your Divine energy.”

Prayer before starting studies : “O God / O Sri Ganesh ! Please remove the obstacles in my studies. Please give me wisdom and strength to do better in my studies.”

Prayer before meals :  “O God / Annapurna Devi ( Deity of food) ! I am offering this food to you and having it as if it is your blessing. Bestow me with Divine energy with this blessing!”


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