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Faith in God


In a town in West Bengal (a state in India) there lived two brothers, Ananta and Mukunda. Mukunda, who later became the great Saint Paramhansa Yogananda, was the younger brother of Ananta. Ananta, a man of the world, did not approve of Mukunda’s spiritual occupations, since he worried for his brother’s well being in the absence of worldly ambitions.

One day, their differences came to the fore. Mukunda said, “You well know Ananta, I seek my inheritance from God, our Heavenly Father.” Ananta, an accountant by profession, quickly retorted, “Money first; God can come later! Who knows? Life may be too long.” Mukunda would not give in, “God first, money can come later! Who can tell? Life may be too short.”          The heated argument between the brothers ended with the elder brother throwing a challenge. He proposed to send Mukunda accompanied by his friend, Narendra, to the nearby city of Mathura by train, without any money or other provisions on them. As per the conditions of the challenge, Mukunda and Narendra were not to take money from anyone or reveal their identity or bet to anyone. Despite all this, they were to return home before midnight. Narendra would act as witness to make sure that Mukunda abided by the conditions of the bet. Ananta was trying to test whether God would meet Mukunda’s need for food and return fare. Mukunda welcomed the challenge. He had complete faith in God that He will take care of him during this unusual challenge and boarded the train to Mathura with the witness, Narendra.

It so happened that two strangers, who boarded their train, without a word from Mukunda or Narendra, led them to an ashram (hermitage). There they were offered a sumptuous feast, originally meant for some royal visitors, who had canceled their visit at the last moment. While resting after the meal, a cheerful young man approached them and offered to be their host for no apparent reason. Without Mukunda or Narendra revealing their identity or the challenge, the young man took them sightseeing around Mathura, mentioning how much of an honor it was to serve devotees of God in such a manner! At the end of the day, when parting from them, the young man presented them with two train tickets to return to their town and some money, urging them not to refuse his offering. And so ended the test, where Mukunda and Narendra were well-provided for, despite not asking anyone for money, food or return tickets and not carrying any money with them.

The two reached home safely. Ananta was astonished. “I understand for the first time your lack of worldly ambitions!” he told the future Paramhansa. There and then itself, he asked Mukunda to initiate him into spiritual practice.

Moral: Complete faith in God is the only currency one needs to make spiritual progress. However, in order to develop the kind of faith young Mukunda (Paramhansa Yogananda) had, one has to do regular spiritual practice.

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Swami Dayanand’s Vision

Swami Dayanand’s Vision


Swami Dayanand’s interesting story is always told.  Once Swami Dayanand had gone to Hrishikesh. At that time many sages used to reside there. Even today, it is said that many sages reside in the Himalayas and its surrounding areas.  When he went to the Himalayas, Swami Dayanand met many  great and radiant sages who had achieved Divine Powers. He also visited yogis whose penance had become successful. At that time he saw a sage at the banks of the river Ganga. He was very radiant and a conversation took place between him and Swami Dayanand. Dayanand asked him very politely,

“What have you gained by doing penance?” The sage started laughing and said, “I have studied the Ashtang Yog. Ask me what I have not gained! Why do you ask me what I have gained? I have gained many remarkable Divine illuminations and powers.”

Who knows whether he had achieved self-enlightenment or not! But he had definitely achieved some Divine illuminations and powers. He further added, “I have all the Divine illuminations and powers. You can see the river Ganga in front of your eyes! I can walk on it like on road. I have gained such Divine power with my penance.” At this, Swami Dayanand smiled and said, “Can you really walk on water?” The sage said, “Son, do you doubt my ability? I will walk on water and show you!”

Dayanand Saraswati asked, “Then how will you come back?” The sage laughed loudly and said, “Fool, the way I will go walking on the river, in the same way I will come back.” Once again Dayanand asked a question, “I think you had to do a lot of penance to attain such Divine power.” The sage replied, ‘Yes! I spent 60 years  for this. To achieve this single Divine power I spent 60 years of my life. And you cannot even imagine what my age could be. It is not a child’s play to achieve Ashta-siddhi! It is not at all easy! I was able to achieve all this with many years of  worship.”

In the holy text ‘Patanjal Yogdarshan’ it is said that, to attain that final knowledge one has to overcome a huge obstacle of ‘siddhis’ (Supernatural powers acquired through spiritual practice). They come in the middle and become an obstacle. They say, “We have come, accept us.” At this juncture the sage has to say, “No, I don’t want a single siddhi. I want to experience the bliss of unobstructed samadhi (A superconscious state of meditative union with the Absolute God Principle).” If the sages fall prey to inducements then their penance is destroyed.

Here Dayanand said, “Did you really give 60 years?” The sage said, “I gave 60 years for one siddhi. Do you want to know how many years I gave for other siddhis?” Dayanand said, “No!” That sage was surprised on hearing this; he said, “Why did you say No?” Dayanand said, “It is simple. You spent 60 years for this – such a long period of your life. I feel sorry for that.” The sage asked, “Why do you feel sorry?” Dayanand said, “You gave 60 years to go across this river, I do not have any problem with this.” The sage asked, “What are you saying?” At that time Dayanand said, “It is very simple. I can swim very well, and if the river is flooded then I will call a boat-man, give him some money and will go across the river.”

Conclusion : Penance should not be wasted to attain materialistic goals.

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Saint Sakhu


Many years ago, in a village in Maharashtra (a state in India) there lived a woman called Sakhu. Sakhu was an ardent devotee of Lord Vitthal. She led a hard life. She was ill-treated by her in-laws and her husband. She had to do all the household tasks and would hardly get two square meals a day. She toiled from daybreak till late at night. Sakhu spent her days without any affection or love, either from her husband or from his parents. However, Sakhu sincerely believed what her father had told her years ago, “Lord Vitthal will never let you down.” So she bore all the sufferings silently. Her devotion to God continued to grow stronger and she constantly remembered The Lord by chanting (repeating) His Name continuously during all her activities. She fulfilled all her duties at home perfectly and without any complaint.

One day, she heard that many devotees from her village were going on a pilgrimage to Pandharpur. She too, wished to go, but was forbidden by her in-laws. Instead, they tied her to a pole, so that she would not be able to go on the pilgrimage. She cried out in desperation, “Vitthal! Vitthal! Please fulfill my desire to see You.” The Lord heard His devotee’s cry for help. Around midnight, he took the form of a woman and went to Sakhu, and untied her. He said to her, “You are keen on seeing Lord Vitthal, so go ahead and join the others. I will perform all your household duties till you come back.”

Sakhu was overjoyed and joined the other villagers on the pilgrimage. Meanwhile, Lord Vitthal took on Sakhu’s form and remained in her place. Later the in-laws untied Sakhu. God, in Sakhu’s guise, did not utter a word in reply and continued to chant Vitthal’s name. He attended to all of Sakhu’s household duties. As the days passed, the members of the household automatically began to look upon this ‘Sakhu’ with respect. The mother-in-law could no longer admonish ‘Sakhu’ as before. Nor could the husband raise his hand to beat Her. Due to the divine presence, the whole atmosphere in the house was transformed. When the real Sakhu came back from the pilgrimage, she found a new life awaiting her.

Moral: Total faith and true devotion like that of Sakhu, won her The Lord.

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Effect of addiction


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Will the media accusing H.H. Asaram Bapu of rape answer following questions ?


For the last 10 days, media has been publishing news against H.H. Asaram Bapu. While publishing one-sided news, media fail to follow even simple rules of journalism. While organising deliberations on this topic, Spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha Shri. Abhay Vartak, who attends as the representative of H.H. Asaram Bapu is not allowed speak. Media is disseminating news in the fashion ‘call the dog mad and shoot it’. Will these media answer the questions given ahead ?

1. More than 150 people’s representatives in the parliament are facing criminal cases such as, murders, rapes, extortion, molestation, corruption etc. What efforts have been made by the media for the action to be taken against them ?

2. In the case of fake stamp paper scam, Abdul Karim Telgi named Sharad Pawar and Chhagan Bhujbal during narco-analysis test. What efforts have been made by media for the action to be taken against both of them ?

3. Robert Vadhera was accused with proofs of indulging in land scam. However, he was not arrested by Congress rulers. Why the media maintained silence on this issue ?

4. On 11th August 2012, Muslim rioters burnt OB vans of media at Azad Maidan in Mumbai. Media representatives faced near-fatal assaults. What action has been taken by the media for the arrest of the culprits ?

5. Not a single leader or office bearer of Raza Academy, mastermind of the above riot was arrested. Does the media agree with it ?

6. A news item that Rajiv Gandhi maintains an account in Swiss bank was published. Why did the media not run a parallel judicial system in that case ?

7. In the year 2001, Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid had incited local Muslims by opposing the officers of Municipal Corporation, who were deputed to take action against the encroachment by Muslims in Lodhi Complex at Dehali. Even after the lapse of 12 years of the registration of an offence against him, he has not been arrested. Why the media are maintaining silence over this issue ?

8. Thefts have taken place in more than 250 temples, in Goa during past few years, and 35 temples have been badly ransacked. Why no publicity has been given to these incidents by the media ?

9. Muslims are attacking Hindus everyday in the States of Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Uttar Pradesh. Hindu women are being raped by fanatic jihadis. Why no publicity has been given to these incidents by the media ?

10. More than a Lakh of Hindu young women have been made victims by Jihadi fanatics through the medium of ‘Love Jihad’. Why no publicity has been given to these incidents by the media ?

11. Relatives of the Jihadi terrorists Mohammad Afzal, Isharat jahan, Yasin Bhatkal, and Jihadi terrorists in Batla House judge them as innocent. Why the media are maintaining silence over this issue ? How can these relatives support the Jihadis ? Does not this question arise in the mind of the media ?

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Prayer : An easy way to please God !

         Surrending to the God and pleading with Him for what you want is called prayer. God’s blessings and Divine energy (Chaitanya shakti) are attained by praying. Also worries reduce and faith in the God increases, and the mind gains concentration by prayer. We also remain protected against negative energies by prayer.

Some prayers to be done daily

Prayer before a bath :  “O God / O Jaladevata (Deity of water) just as my body is getting cleansed with this pure water, let my mind also get purified and let me be able to absorb your Divine energy.”

Prayer before starting studies : “O God / O Sri Ganesh ! Please remove the obstacles in my studies. Please give me wisdom and strength to do better in my studies.”

Prayer before meals :  “O God / Annapurna Devi ( Deity of food) ! I am offering this food to you and having it as if it is your blessing. Bestow me with Divine energy with this blessing!”


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Scams And Scandals Involving Spiritual People

Scams and Scandals Involving spiritual People


It is a million dollar question about, why do spiritual people get themselves entangled in these kinds of scandals? And if they do why do they get caught? Well finding themselves in these situations isn’t new for holy people – even Jesus Christ was defamed with regards to Mary Magdaline who was supposed to be a whore in His times.

Tantrik Chandraswami was accused once, and was later proven innocent. There were 1000s of cases against Satya Sai Baba for possible paedophilia – again all baseless. Then we had our Premananda, who was arrested for multiple rapes and imprisoned for a double lifetime – he eventually died of liver failure inside the jail. Swami Nithyananda’s sizzling videos come up when you search for porn on google. And Jayendra Saraswathi was arrested for his possible involvement in a murder and also improper behaviour with his female disciples!

There seems to be a strange commonality where in except Chandraswami, all the other saints in the list were booked for improper sexual conduct. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has not made to the list yet – he surely will come with a bang – it is just a matter of time.

The hidden facts

I personally know a woman, a close aide of Jayendra Saraswathi, who was offered Rs 4 lakhs by the Tamil Nadu Police Department to fabricate a story of sexual molestation against the Guru. It wasn’t about the murder or about any sexual misconduct – the matter was about a dispute between the Guru and the then Chief Minister with regards to a real estate property. Sexual misbehaviour is the easiest way to defame any spiritual Guru anywhere in the world. It works perfectly.

Premananda was basically from Sri Lanka, and in a very short span of time had his own spatial ashram with people from all over the world flocking to his ashram – a real bad news for the Tamil Nadu government, which was then struggling with the Sri Lankan refugees.

Politicians have never liked anyone else having a crowd for themselves, because it becomes very hard to win elections if a particular Guru becomes an opinion leader later. Any Guru who is hand in glove with the government and their policies will always have an easier life in the spiritual world. If you rebel, you will be axed for sure. Premananda spent rest of his life inside Vellore jail. And what was he doing inside the jail? He was giving discourses to the inmates everyday.

Satya Sai Baba’s problems reduced to a very large extent once Presidents and Prime Ministers started visiting his ashrams regularly. And also Sai Baba escaped the axe very intelligently by providing water schemes for the state and also by donating enough funds to the neighbouring states. Who would want to kill or defame a golden egg laying duck?

The land value of Bidadi was almost nil when Nithyananda started working on his ashram. He started doing well, people started flocking, the real estate values increased multifold, and moreover he was a Tamil – a sect of people hated by most of the locals. Place a camera under the Guru’s ass, and you take home a point. From close associates of the Guru I know that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is always good with the government. No wonder he had this red light flashing on top of his car, and also the government has agreed to have metro station till his ashram. As a native Indian we all know the truth that no Indian government body works in our favour or even works without money being thrown at them.

Today it is Asaram Bapu. A 16-year-old books him for sexual assault, and expected damage has been successfully done. The case will go on and the truth as always will prevail.

This phenomenon of mud sledging and defamation isn’t copyrighted to India hence we cannot take much pride in it. It happens all over the world, even in the United States of America. The moment any government feels that an individual can become a threat to the voting behaviour, they send sexual charges knocking at their doors – who can forget all the bullshit thrown at Michael Jackson.


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